Why We Are Different

At the Forefront of Growth and Transformation

At Lotis Blue Consulting, we're motivated and excited to help companies build better versions of themselves. With every client challenge, we bring a personal touch and an unwavering curiosity to pursue an insight-led and people-first solution. Using our deep experience and proven capabilities, we answer our clients' biggest questions with actionable, data-driven answers that create a lasting impact. We operate based on our eight foundational values that shape how we serve our clients and strengthen our culture and working environment.

Message from the CEO - Garrett Sheridan
Welcome to Lotis Blue

In 2005, I joined together with five other experienced, entrepreneurial consultants to form the firm that has become Lotis Blue Consulting. Since then, we have focused on maximizing our impact as broad-based problem solvers willing to tackle our clients’ most pervasive challenges.

The change to our firm’s name in 2022 signals our emphasis on growth and transformation to help clients succeed. Our firm has experienced steady growth year over year by staying true to our guiding principles: we focus on delivery excellence, we value people, and we place the client above all. By combining data and behavioral science, we develop end-to-end partnerships to help clients achieve their greatest ambitions.

How We Stand Out

Clients say it's not just what we do that sets us apart—it's who we are and how we do it. They appreciate a problem-solving approach that combines analytical rigor and practical experience. They enjoy our thoughtfully provocative way of helping them uncover better ways of thinking and doing. And they experience the fact that our people are genuinely caring and collaborative.

A Continual Evolution

Lotis Blue’s predecessor firm, Axiom Consulting Partners, formed in 2005 when six experienced, entrepreneurial consultants joined together to create a business that would balance market opportunities with their own belief in how management consulting should work. We saw a need for a broad-based problem-solving consultancy that would provide implementable and sustainable strategies in order to make a genuine client impact.

From the beginning, we've aimed to help clients transform by connecting the dots among the cornerstones of strategy, organization, and talent while employing a data-driven approach. While our firm’s vision has evolved over time, our emphasis on profitable growth and excellent execution has remained our hallmark, with an unfailing focus on developing our own talent and our client’s capabilities.

In 2022, we rebranded the firm as Lotis Blue Consulting to recognize our position as a bold, leading-edge, data-driven firm that operates on the forefront of data and behavioral science in the service of our clients' growth and transformation.

Our Continual Evolution
Get to Know Us
Get to Know Us

Every person who works for and with Lotis Blue is essential to our success. Learn more about our band of experts who share a real passion for tackling the toughest problems for our clients, their industries, and the world at large.