Data Science & Behavioral Science

Our Best-in-Class Approach to Actionable Insight

Lotis Blue Consulting employs an unparalleled and unique combination of data science and behavioral science to develop and implement the best path forward for our clients. While each of these disciplines is powerful on its own, the perfect blend of the two results in real action, complementing quantitative analysis with a qualitative approach to understanding how people act. Maximizing the value of data is critical to business transformation in the digital age, and combining data with behavioral science makes Lotis Blue Consulting the true experts at directly engaging clients around the change needed to grow and transform.

How Lotis Blue Consulting Can Help

From insight to implementation, we tailor our partnership with your organization based on your specific needs, with our data and behavioral science expertise informing and equipping your business in areas like organization design, talent management, and change management.

Our Data Science & Behavioral Science Experts

We’re a collection of passionate and experienced thinkers that combine a relationship-driven approach with the rigor of data and behavioral science to drive growth and transformation. Our culture of promoting continuous learning and having an ownership mentality translates to a personal, transparent partnership.

Who We Serve

Lotis Blue brings together distinctive perspectives, experiences, and capabilities across major industries. Our collective insight allows your organization to implement innovative solutions and face industry disruption and change with confidence.