InclusivX Workplace Inclusion Analytics

Collaborative and Inclusive Organizations Are 2x More Likely to Exceed Financial Targets

InclusivX uses passive data and applies Organizational Network Analysis to help leaders build and sustain inclusive, connected and collaborative teams.

How It Works
Access Passive Data
Securely extract meta-data from collaboration tools teams use every day and integrate selected HR data
Apply Network Science & AI Engine
Uncover hidden patterns in the daily interactions between individuals and within teams using analytics
Nudge Team & Employee Experiences
Create targeted and dynamic strategies to improve employee experiences and team dynamics
Our Analytics Help Leaders in a Number of Ways
  • Identify where collaboration and inclusion are being challenged by hybrid work

  • Understand the business impact of new ways of working on employee and team “connectedness”

  • Identify marginally connected teams and individuals before they disengage and quit

  • Bring awareness and action to teams with dysfunctional norms that undermine cohesion

  • Highlight opportunities to reduce silos across the organization and improve collaboration

Using Continuous Listening and Network Science, InclusivX Generates Actionable Insights
Continuous Listening Using Passive Data

Collaboration, inclusion and employee experience are dynamic behaviors that are nearly impossible to reliably and efficiently measure with a point-in-time employee survey. InclusivX offers a continuous stream of data about the behavioral interactions between individuals and within teams.

Organizational Network Analysis + AI

InclusivX provides custom Organizational Network Analysis (ONA) metrics to understand individual, team and organizational dynamics. Applying AI techniques, we can also understand and predict how networks evolve using AI.

powered by data
Data from Behavioral Interactions, Not Surveys
InclusivX securely and selectively combines data from daily interactions in the workplace with HR data to unlock deeper, less biased and more actionable insights. This data includes:
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Email & Chats
meeting icon asset
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People & Organization
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User Testimonials
Mike Baum
“InclusivX blends a cutting edge, continuous listening approach with behavioral and network science to turn real time interactions into unbiased and actionable insights.”
JP Elliott Ph.D.
“InclusivX brings real, continuous clarity to measuring and understanding inclusion, which is critical to build an inclusive, diverse, and high performing workplace.”
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