Employee Value Proposition Drives Tech Talent to Fortune 500 Insurance Company

Business Issue:

A Fortune 500 Life Insurance Company with over 100 years of history in the industry set out to transform the client experience through innovative and customer-centric new technologies. The company, however, was struggling to attract the Technology talent that was necessary to achieve this objective in an exceedingly competitive labor market, where top talent had their choice of leading-edge technology employer.

With the rise of digital technology, companies have been increasingly competing for talent in the external market. The company's executives realized that they had to make changes if they wanted to survive in this changing market. They needed a way to attract top talent in order to deliver on their promise of being a leader in customer service.


To help our client attract and retain technology talent in a competitive landscape, we partnered with Human Resources and Technology leaders to visit their employee value proposition (EVP). The EVP is a combination of three elements: an employment brand/reputation, an employee experience, and a career path. The company has been using an individualized approach in order to design each element of its EVP based on the needs of each role. However, this approach has resulted in inconsistent experiences across roles and employees.

In our collaboration efforts with leadership, we applied a data-driven approach to:

  • Understand the relative strength of the EVP and employment brand/reputation in the external market

  • Identify improvements to the EVP that would enhance the employee experience for critical roles and support the desired culture of innovation

  • Design a differentiated and tailored EVP and employment brand that will enable the company to attract and retain technology talent

  • Identify the “moments of truth” in a technology career and craft the optimal employee experience by defining what employees will think, feel and do throughout the employee lifecycle

Business Impact:

By implementing a magnetic and tailored technology EVP and employment brand, the company has been able to establish a reputation as a top technology employer in their market. This new point of differentiation has helped them to not only attract new talent, but to retain valued members of their employee base. The new employment brand is highly attractive to technologists who value a fast-paced environment with autonomy and career growth potential, and the security and stability of a well-established company. The EVP specifically helped them achieve this by highlighting the company’s unique culture of innovation, collaboration, and flexibility while promoting its commitment to employee growth and development.

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