Axiom Consulting Partners Rebrands as Lotis Blue Consulting

News release by Lotis Blue Consulting | Chicago, IL | September 21, 2022

New Brand Reflects Firm’s Commitment to Growth and Transformation, Strength in Data + Behavioral Science

Lotis Blue Consulting, formerly known as Axiom Consulting Partners, is pleased to announce that it has undergone a comprehensive rebranding to better reflect the firm’s identity 17 years after it was founded.

As part of an extensive review of its existing brand and value proposition, the firm reached out to clients, firm leadership, and colleagues to obtain perspectives on what they find distinctive and valuable about the firm’s people, approach, differentiators, and impact on client success. Together, these inputs helped to shape the Lotis Blue Consulting brand messaging and visual identity.

“On September 19, we gathered together for the firm’s annual Americas-wide meeting,” noted Lotis Blue Consulting CEO Garrett Sheridan. “When we went into that day, we were Axiom — but we emerged from that wonderful event with new purpose and energy under the Lotis Blue Consulting brand.”

“As Lotis Blue Consulting, we are truly at the forefront of growth and transformation,” Sheridan continued. “We're excited to help our clients grow and transform their businesses as we work side by side with leaders committed to achieving their most far-reaching ambitions.

The Lotis Blue Consulting brand puts a newfound emphasis on the firm’s people and their bold personalities. The firm has long been known for its boldness, for pushing both clients and itself to think differently and accept hard truths. Boldness is one of Lotis Blue Consulting’s eight foundational values, alongside Transparency, Wholeness, Stewardship, Community, Inclusion, Partnership, and Insight. Collectively, these values truly shape how the firm serves clients and further strengthens its culture and working environment.

Lotis Blue Consulting employs an unparalleled and unique combination of data science and behavioral science to develop and implement the best path forward for clients. This powerful blend of these two disciplines results in tangible action, complementing quantitative analysis with a deep understanding of how to drive behavioral change. Maximizing data’s value is critical to business transformation in the digital-age, and combining data with behavioral science makes Lotis Blue Consulting true experts at directly engaging clients around the change needed to grow and transform.

“All of us at Lotis Blue Consulting are beyond excited about the launch of our new brand,” Sheridan concluded. “We look forward to continuing to deepen our many strong client relationships and working with new companies as well.”

At the intersection of growth and transformation, you’ll find Lotis Blue Consulting. We dig deep with personal attention and analytical rigor to uncover, define, and implement the smartest path forward for your organization. In doing so, we transform your most ambitious visions into a clear and sustainable reality.