Axiom Consulting Partners to Present on Measuring, Creating and Sustaining DE&I Impacts on Business at 2021 Global Inclusion Online Forum

Axiom Consulting Partners to Present on Measuring, Creating and Sustaining DE&I Impacts on Business at 2021 Global Inclusion Online Forum

Unlocking Inclusion: Axiom's Data-Backed Approach on DE&I at GIOF

MAY 20, 2021 – Axiom Consulting Partners (“Axiom”), an advisory firm integrating strategy, artificial intelligence (AI) and behavioral science to help clients grow and transform their businesses, will be presenting on the DE&I Solutions Stage this week at the Global Inclusion Online Forum (“GIOF”).

The 2021 GIOF is the largest event of its kind and scale about diversity and inclusion in the corporate world. The conference brings together global diversity and inclusion executives, HR consultants and DE&I activists with business owners and managers looking for ways to make their businesses more inclusive and, as a result, more profitable and successful.

On May 21st, Dr. Aaron Sorensen will present Axiom’s unique, data-backed approach to how organizations understand, implement and measure their DE&I efforts. The virtual session, “Demystifying Inclusion Using Network Science: A Better Way to Measure and Create Real and Sustained Impact,” will explore the application of network science, behavioral science and psychology to  creating more inclusive teams and organizations.

Dr. Sorensen leads the Business Transformation and Behavioral Science teams at Axiom. In collaboration with a team of fellow psychologists, data scientists and engineers across the firm, Dr. Sorensen spearheaded development of Axiom’s Inclusion Analytics Platform. The platform provides organizational leaders with actionable insights through a customized, cloud-based dashboard and enables them to measure, sustain and improve upon the impact of their DE&I efforts.

“Inclusion has historically been difficult concept for organizations to define, much less measure,” said Sorensen. “Despite widespread recognition that addressing DE&I is a critical, immediate need, even the best efforts have been hamstrung by imprecise language, flawed conventional approaches and unclear goals. By bringing behavioral and data science into the mix, we are able to help organizations take an entirely new approach to inclusion one that can be measured, and one that creates real, sustained impact through a focus on building inclusive teams and organization.”

There is a pressing need for actionable DE&I solutions as the labor market stabilizes. Recent data continues to show that pandemic job losses disproportionately disadvantaged minorities and women in the workforce—especially women of color—and that employment levels and income levels for those groups are unlikely to fully recover for years.

The Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology (SIOP) recently recognized the team from Axiom Consulting Partners as a winner in its annual Machine Learning Competition focused on applying AI and machine learning to leaders’ ability to make fair and accurate hiring decisions while mitigating bias.

Tickets for the 2021 Global Inclusion Online Forum are available for purchase on the event website:

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